What is a News Feed?

If you want to keep on top of the world news then subscribing to a well-known news feed is a must. Subscribing to such a service means being able to access regularly updated online content from many different websites at the same time, through one single news aggregator. This type of aggregator makes use of a web feed, the most popular of which is RSS.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and is also called Really Simple Syndication. It is a type of web feed that lets users or subscribers access any updates made to certain online content. These updates are in a standardized and computer-readable format.

A news feed, or aggregator, will regularly check the RSS feed for any new content automatically. This will then be passed on from website to user or from website to website. When content is passed in this way it is known as web syndication.

A news feed will use RSS feeds to publish information that is updated frequently. Examples of this are news headlines, blog entries and audio or video.

the benefits

What are the benefits of subscribing to a news RSS feed?

RSS feeds are of great benefit to anyone who wants to receive updates from favorite websites almost as soon as they happen. They can also benefit those who want to gather and mix data from a number of different sites.

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Subscribing to a news website RSS, for example, means there is no need to check manually for any new content. Rather than the user having to do it themselves, such a task can be left to the website's browser. The site will be constantly monitored and any updates will be mean the user is notified immediately. It's also possible for the browser to be told to automatically download any new data so that the user can see it.


How does RSS work?

A piece of software known as a news aggregator is responsible for presenting RSS feed data to users. Such a piece of software can be either built into the website, installed on a desktop computer or on a mobile device.

Users are required to subscribe to the feed in order to receive the updates. And this is done by either entering a feeds URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) into the reader or by clicking on a feed icon in the browser.

There is also the option to enable a function that will automatically download any new information.

Examples of current RSS usage

A couple of major social media sites used to offer RSS feeds. However, the likes of Facebook and Twitter have either removed or reduced support. A number of other widely used readers have also discontinued, due it is reported, to RSS's declining popularity. Google Reader, FeedDemon and Shiira are examples of such readers. So those are the readers that did and now don't so how about we give you a list of those that currently do use hosted RSS services:

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